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Mephisto Shoes - Part 1

Best Walking Shoes for Women

Best Walking Shoes for Women

The best walking shoes for women are shoes that are comfortable and fit correctly. Poorly fitting shoes are not only uncomfortable, but they can lead to blisters and calluses.

How do I know if the shoe fits correctly? You want your walking shoe to be snug everywhere, but have enough room to wiggle your toes. You should have space between your big toe and the front of your shoe– 3/8-1/2 inch or the width of your thumb. Your heel should not slip out as you walk.

Tips on Choosing the Best Walking Shoes for Women


  • Shop late in the afternoon. Because you are more likely to have been on your feet all day, your feet will be their largest. Doing this will help you increase the chances of a good fit because you are unlikely to buy a shoe that is too small.
  • Pick a great store. While you can get shoes almost anywhere, a specialty shop may be beneficial. Sales associates at a running/ walker store are more likely to run/ walk as well. The associate may also recommend what he/ she thinks is the best walking shoe for women. The sales associates will also measure your foot and can look to see what type of foot you have. The best walking shoes for women need to match the shape of foot you have. Some shoes are best for flat footed people, while others are best for people with high arches.
  • Bring socks. Make sure to bring a pair of socks that you will wear with the shoes. Socks come in many different thicknesses and will affect fit.
  • Style. Some shoes are more dressy than others. If you need to walk a lot at work you may want a shoe on the more comfortable side that provides support.
  • Comfort. Shoes should feel comfortable on your feet right away. If they are not comfortable in the store, they are unlikely to be comfortable at home. Make sure there are no pressure points that will rub and irritate your foot.
  • Price. While you don’t need the most expensive shoe in the store, you probably also don’t need the cheapest. As shoes get more expensive the quality of the materials improves. A $75 dollar shoe is definitely going to be better than a $15 dollar show
  • Breathability. You are going to sweat when you walk. If your shoes are not breathable, you mat get blisters or athlete’s foot due to all the moisture. On the other hand, if it is really cold where you live, you may want a lees breathable
  •  Orthotics. Many people get orthotics thinking that this will make it less likely that your feet will be sore from walking. However, custom made orthotics may reduce the cushioning in your shoe and actually make them less comfortable.
  •  Consider running shoes. Yes, you can use running shoes for walking. Running shoes generally provide more cushioning in the heel and will offer more comfort if you are a fast paced walker.
  • Your shoes should not need to be broken in. Your shoes should feel good on your feet right away. If they don’t feel good walking around the store they are not likely to feel good in a week.

Here are some of the shoes people have told us they like best. Please let us know what you think!

Best Walking Shoes for Women

New Balance WR1080 Cayenne Women's
The New Balnce WR1080 will be there for you step after step in the most cushioned way possible. Miles are no match for New Balance's premier neutral running shoe! This update to the popular 1064 sports a modernized, streamlined upper and plentiful N-ergy? cushioning! Built for maximum comfort, performance fit and flexibility, you can count on the 1080's ultimate soft ride and smooth transition from heel to toe to make the most of every run. Stay light on your feet regardless of the miles ahead, with the New Balance WR1080!
Dr. Weil Integrative Footwear Rhythm Silver/Coral Women's
Get into a comfortable groove with the Dr. Weil Integrative Footwear Rhythm. This women's walking shoe features a breathable mesh upper for comfort and durability. A lightweight CME midsole provides added comfort and keeps your feet feeling great. This Dr. Weil sneaker also has a durable recycled rubber outsole for good traction. Keep on moving in the Dr. Weil Integrative Footwear Rhythm. Please note this style is running a half size small. We recommend ordering the next half size up from your normal size.
Ryka Dash Chrome Silver/White/Twilight Blue/Grey Women's
The Ryka Dash is a low profile, sleek, light-weight fitness walking shoe with upper stability and cushioning that provides versatile performance. This women's walking shoe features a leather, mesh, and high density foam upper for comfort and durability. An Ortholite footbed helps keep your feet feeling comfortable. This Ryka sneaker also has a solid rubber outsole for traction and flexibility. The Ryka Dash is designed to meet all of your needs for a fitness walk or the day ahead.
Spira WaveWalker Women White Women's
Ramp up for a busy day with the Spira WaveWalker Women. This women'swalking shoe features a genuine leather upper that provides a generousfit. The insole is removable to accommodate orthotics. WaveSpringmidsole technology stores and redistributes energy with every step, foran ultra-cushioned, smooth ride. This Spira walking sneaker also has adual density polyurethane outsole. Get superb comfort from sunrise tosunset in the Spira WaveWalker Women.
These are some great shoes for walking at home or work.

Mephisto Shoes

For more than three decades now, Mephisto Shoes have been changing the way that the world looks at walking shoes. From speed lacing to air-circulating insoles, many of the technologies that other shoe manufacturers now use were pioneered in the Mephisto manufacturing facility. By combining sophisticated looks and the latest styles with high-quality natural ingredients and manual assembly, Mephisto walking shoes have established itself as a global leader in the walking shoe industry.

Key features of Mephisto shoes

  • Manual Assembly: All shoe designs are assembled by hand to ensure the best stitching and highest level of durability possible.
  • Natural ingredients: While other companies are shifting towards synthetic ingredients, Mephisto only uses natural cork, leather, rubbers and latex in their shoes for outstanding comfort and longer lasting durability.
  • Speed lacing: Most Mephisto comfortable shoes feature speed lacing for easy slip on and removal. Simply pull on the top-most lace and the rest of the shoe is snug. Shoes that requiring tying incorporate high quality D-rings and other items to ensure snag-free and easy lacing.
  • Air-circulating insoles: The natural cloth and cork insoles allow air to circulate during walking. This promotes comfort while providing anti-bacterial growth and discouraging odors.
  • Sophisticated designs: While Mephisto shoes designs change regularly depending on the season, you can always count on classic, stylish designs in both the mens and Mephisto womens shoes lines.

Popular Mephisto Shoes

Whether you are heading to dinner with friends or looking for a comfortable shoe for the office, Mephisto has a shoe to fit your needs. Mephisto shoes are divided into two major annual lines. New models are often released in the spring and fall to provide plenty of choices throughout the year. These are also great times to find a good deal on your favorite Mephisto shoes designs. According to most Mephisto shoes review sites, popular models include:

  • Jakin for men: This leather slip-on offers refinement and comfort. The sleek lines of the shoe are a great pairing with most suits and business attire. High-quality leather and Caoutchouc rubber combine to provide a shoe that is not only flexible but durable as well.
  • Helen for Women: This open-toe sandal is perfect for the woman on the go. The natural cork foot bed conforms to the feet while the leather strapping expands as you walk for optimal comfort and support. The sandal is available in 20 different color combinations to make it easy to find the perfect pair to match any outfit.
  • Libio for Men: This classic leather design features a four-eye blucher, genuine leather linings and a breathing foot bed for ultimate comfort. Three different color choices make it easy to fit into your wardrobe. Goodyear welting ensures plenty of wear and maximum flexibility.
  • Rush for Women: This leather walking shoe is available in five distinct color schemes. Reminiscent of a sneaker in design, the shoes’ padded top line and tongue provide a snug fit without creating uncomfortable pressure. Perfect for a day on the town or a night out with friends, this shoe brings that modern twist to classy Mephisto shoes.