Comfortable Shoes: Features, Selection Tips and Different Shoes for Different Occasions

When it comes to outfits, shoes are just about as essential as underwear. As a matter of fact, unless you are extremely backwards or primitive, you cannot walk out of the house without any kind of footwear. But it’s not just about having something for your soles; you need comfortable shoes, if you want to enjoy your walk, jog, hike, and race and so on.

There are the features that comfortable shoes have that make them exactly that: comfortable. Such features, like those found in Mephisto shoes, keep the foot in the right position, so that you are comfortable in wearing them. They are:

  • Ventilation:shoes should be well ventilated to allow you feet to breath, and avoid bad odor, and growth of bacteria from sweat.
  • Size/ fit:shoes should be well fitting for them to be comfortable. Get the right size for your feet, and make sure you know your exact size.
  • Flexible:shoes should be able to bend with your foot, whether when running or walking. If they don’t, you will most likely get foot problems that could affect posture.
  • Cushioned:This is essential for absorbing shock, especially when running
  • Stability:Comfortable shoes should be stable enough to support your feet from behind, failure to which you will have a lot of strain trying to keep your shoe on.

Shopping Tips

While buying shoes, there are a few selection tips you can employ, to ensure you pick the most comfortable shoes. Whether you are shopping for comfortable work shoesor party shoes, ensure you to follow these tips, whether man or woman:

  • Look for a pair of shoes with a wide toe box, to allow your toes to move about.
  • Check to see that the shoe has adequate cushioning and arc support.
  • Ensure you have the right width of shoe, and depending on whether you have narrow or wide feet, buy shoes from manufacturers who manufacture the shoes of your foot type.
  • Finally try on the shoes before you pay for them.

Different Types of Shoes

There are shoes of different types for different occasions, but unlike men, women need more shoes for different occasions, such as:

  • Work shoes: The best are wedges and platforms, since they are neither high heeled nor flats, and are still comfortable.
  • Wedding shoes: If you want comfortable wedding shoes, then a shoe that is moderately heeled is the best choice. Don’t take chances with high heels on your big day; it might turn out to be a big embarrassment or will exhaust all your energy from all that standing and dancing.
  • Walking shoes: These shoes are light and flexible enough so that you enjoy each step of your walk.
  • Prom shoes: These are either flats or slightly heeled shoes, since prom involves a lot of dancing, which requires comfortable shoes.

Whichever shoes you wish to wear, just make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes, because if you don’t, you are brewing trouble for your feet.