Popular Types Of Dress Shoes For Men And Women

Dress shoes are basically shoes that vary in designs and made in contrast with athletic shoes. They range from casual to formal and are meant to be worn with the corresponding outfits for them to fulfill their intended purpose. These shoes are for both men and women. While buying these shoes, it’s advisable to buy shoes that are of quality and genuine like the Mephisto shoes.

Common Types For Men

  • Dress Boots

These are ankle length boots, made from highly polished leather. They have a slight heel that suits them and a zip on the side (or not), for a snug fit when you put them on. They are best worn with casual clothes such as designer jeans.

  • Monk Strap

These shoes look more like loafers, but the difference is that they have a metallic buckle on the upper part, and a strap on top. They have no laces, just like loafers. They are best worn with dressy jeans or casual pants, but they can also be worn to the office.

  • Loafers

They are leather, slip-on shoes, with the design of the moccasins, but instead, they have a strap on their upper part. They also have a slight, wide heel, and they don’t have laces as well. Loafers are best for semi casual occasions, so, a decent shirt and pair of pants will do the trick.

  • Oxfords

These are just about the oldest dress shoes for men. They are made of either highly polished leather, of just normal shine leather. They are decorated with small perforations, but generally, they have a plain design. Their soles are not made of rubber, and they have a slight heel. For highly polished oxfords, they can be worn with a suit to the office, and for the normal polished ones, casual clad will do.

Common Types For Women

  • Pumps

Pumps have been worn for a long time by women. They have a small heel, and are either made of shiny leather or a shiny easy wipe material. The black ones are best worn with formal work dresses, while the fancy colored ones can be worn to parties with a floral dress.

  • High Heels

Just as the name suggests, they are shoes with a high heel. They can be worn both to work, and to informal occasions. For work high heels, black are the best color, and a fitting knee length dress will go well with the shoes. A long dress can also be worn with high heels, for a dinner out or a long evening dress.

  • Tie Ups

Also known as gladiators, these are more of party shoes. They have thin sole and long laces that are tied up the leg. They are mostly made of brown leather and are best worn with a short dress of any design.

  • Flat Ballerinas

If you are looking for flat comfortable shoes, then flat ballerinas are the shoes for you. They are thin sole shoes, flat and really light. They are comfortable to walk in, and can be worn both to work in a short fitting skirt and a tight blouse, or casually, in slacks and a fitting top, with a sweater or jacket and a scarf.

Dress shoes are some of the best kind of footwear you can have. They are numerous, for both men and women, and available for all occasion.